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Sarah is a wife and mom to 3 boys and a girl pug. She has always had a passion for beautiful movement but years of unhealthy relationships with food and exercise muddied the waters and it wasn’t until she had her third son that she made peace with her body and began to love it for all that it was capable of.

As an avid runner, Sarah realized that mixing up her exercise practices was key to having a well-rounded routine and avoiding overuse injuries. Finding the time with 3 small children at home made it extra challenging but it also inspired her to step away from her career as a designer to launch a fitness company geared toward training busy moms by providing free childcare. Seven years later she continues to find passion journeying alongside her clients as they seek to find true wellness in all areas of life.

When it comes to yoga, Sarah took her first class on Mother’s Day in 2013. It was a challenging power class and just the right practice to hook her and keep her coming back for more. From the outside looking in, her practice was “pretty” but it didn’t feel good and it was void of breath. It began to evolve when she realized that yoga was not just another workout and that the asana practice was just the tip of the iceberg. Sarah completed her 200 hour teacher training with with Elizabeth Hoffman in 2016 and began to notice that life on the mat was not only a reflection of real life but that it had the power to manifest peace, balance, hope and perspective in everything…especially the relationship with self. The deeper she goes into her practice the more she realizes she’s still a beginner. Embracing her position as a student with an ever growing desire to listen and learn is what fuels her personal practice and her passion for sharing with others. Sarah has since completed her 300 hour YTT and now leads teacher workshops and trainings with a 500hr certification.

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