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Hi! I’m Sarah Pay. When I started this journey eight years ago, I had just one goal. I wanted to help people live their lives to the fullest. When consistent movement became a part of my routine, I suddenly realized I was showing up for life, and my people, in a way that I hadn’t in a very long time. It wasn't about the exercise, the weights or even the physical changes, (don’t get me wrong, I love the science,mechanics and the psychology of movement in the nerdiest of ways), but we are not just physical bodies. I see everyone as a whole person with a mind, a body,a spirit, and the gifts to keep those parts in balance. We’re these amazing and complex human beings with relationships, with feelings, with wildly different stories, and with very full lives. So, while my platform has changed to adapt to the time in which we are living, none of my passions, intentions, or goals have shifted.



SWEAT class

Always 45 minutes because your time is your most valuable asset. We work hard and don’t take many breaks, so you get the most bang for your buck. Each week's classes are systematically programmed to offer a full range of movement patterns, muscle group focuses, and intensity levels so you always feel challenged but never over-trained or bored. In addition, I seek to provide balance in each class so that you work all areas of movement including strength, agility, speed, stability and mobility.  Every movement is scalable so that you can complete each class with confidence no matter your experience, age, fitness level, or energy level that day. 



YOGA flow

A 50-55 minute flow appropriate for all levels. This class focuses on mobility and breath through a sequence of traditional yoga postures. Special attention is given to alignment, balance and core stability. Strength and flexibility are not required but will be gained through regular practice. These classes are intended to complement the sweat classes with intelligent sequencing to open and strengthen your body, challenge your mind and enliven your spirit! Similar to the sweat classes, the flows will allow for options and variations so that each student can create their own experience.

yoga flow


$39 Per Month

Unlimited access to all live, virtual and recorded classes. 






45 minute, one-on-one meetings over the phone. We’ll review your pre-filled-out assessment and dive into a food relationship conversation so you can walk away with some specific and realistic strategies to help you make lasting and impactful change.

nutrtion consults


Private or semi-private sessions. You determine the type session (strength, cardio, HIIT, power yoga, deep stretch, or combination) and I’ll provide the program and coaching. These sessions can include up to 8 people. This is also an option for youth who may be taking the season off or missing a season due to Covid sports restrictions or injury.

personal trng



“Sarah Pay is the only instructor I’ve had who makes me want to do the strength work to improve. She meets me at my level, encourages me but most of all challenges me to do the hard work to tone all parts of my body."

- Claire


“Sarah Pay is one of the most outstanding teachers/trainers. Sarah gives us her all at every turn and she pushes us in the best ways to give our all as well. Whether in gentle reminders, out loud motivations or just being a true example of a grateful and kind human, makes everything she teaches a worthwhile investment of your time.” 

- Dorie


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